Our Serviced Office solutions go beyond a traditional serviced office and are individually designed to match the individual needs which our clients have from their workspace.

Using our Wilkin WorkSpace Model we ensure that all of the key components of a successful working environment are included in your solution, then work to customise each element to your specific needs.

While each of our WorkSpace solutions is different, some common benefits include:

 Your office, our people, community, connectivity, shared space

Your office, our people, community, connectivity, shared space

 fully furnished offices

Complete Flexibility

The size of your office, the way it is furnished, the technology which is plugged into it and the length of your agreement can all be tailored to your needs.

By utilising a Wilkin Group office solution you are able to tweak your working environment on the run to adjust to changes in your wider business.

A Dedicated Support Team

How productive could you be if you didn't have to worry about cleaning your office, paying utility bills, ensuring all your IT systems are working or answer phone calls?

When you work from a Wilkin Group office you can focus purely on what improves your business and let someone else worry about the rest.

 Access to fantastic support staff
 Access to technology, office space

Everything You Need At Your Fingertips

A benefit of a Wilkin Group office is the access to a huge range of technologies and the other facilities as you require them without the overhead associated with purchasing or managing them.

A perfect scenario, the benefit of the equipment without the upfront cost or pain of managing it.

Build Strong Networks

One of the benefits of being a client of Wilkin Group is the business connections you are able to make on a day-to-day basis. Whether it's a casual chat over a coffee in the breakout area or attending one of our regular events, there are ample opportunities to strengthen your business and social networks.

 networking events