Office Viewing Guide - Dos & Don'ts

Above all else, remember that an office viewing is as much about finding out about the potential client as it is about telling them about what we do.

Prior to the viewing

  • Make sure you do some research on the person coming in (LinkedIn) and the company they work for so that you have some background info before they even start talking. By researching on LinkedIn you should be able to get a photo of the person you are meeting so you are already familiar with what they look like.
  • Make sure the Reception staff who will be greeting the potential client know their name and when they will be coming in. Our Reception staff using their name when they first arrive makes a great first impression.
  • Prepare a short list of office suites which you plan to show the potential client based on the information you have already. This list will provide a framework for the viewing, however be flexible and prepared to change your plan based on your discussion with the potential client.
  • Make sure the suites you plan to show the potential client are in good order and configured so that they are ready to move into. Take the time 10 minutes before your viewing to ensure all suites to be viewed are in order.
  • Know a price range for the suites you are going to show the potential client. We do not make a practice of giving people an exact price because the price we quote will be dependant on the overall solution not just a price we read off a price list. This is an important element in reinforcing the fact that we tailor a solution to each client - not a one size fits all approach.


Managing the tour

  • Call the person you are meant to be viewing with if they are more than 10 minutes late. Keep the call polite, just checking to make sure they are coming and to see if they need directions. If they don't answer, send them a short email seeing if they would like to arrange another time to view.
  • Open the viewing by trying to find out more about their requirements and plans by asking:

Where do you work from currently?

What is the reason you are looking to move?

What are the most important elements of your office space?

  • Try and get a feel for what the potential client already knows about serviced offices. If they already know a reasonable amount about serviced offices, don't bore them by going into great detail about what a 'standard serviced office' is. If they are not aware of what a serviced office can offer, give them an overview of the standard features, however emphasise the face the we tailor all elements to our clients specific needs.
  • Don't feel pressured to get all of the information out of the potential client when you first sit down with them. You will have plenty of time to 'walk and talk' while you are viewing the office suites or walking between sites. Walking while talking is a good way to build rapport with the potential client.
  • Always allow time at the end of the viewing to sit down with the potential client to review their needs and the options presented.
  • Introduce the team as you walk around the floor. Our objective is to build a strong relationship with the potential client and introducing them to the team is a great first step. Even little things like saying hello and greeting clients by name as you walk the floor will show the potential client the type of relationship we have with our existing clients.

Post Tour Process

  • On the same day of the tour, send a brief email thanking the person who viewed for their time and advising them that you will be sending through a proposal based on the tour within the next couple of days. Emphasise the fact that you are available to answer any queries they may have before the proposal comes through. 
  • Use the correct template to compose your proposal and include photos wherever possible. Ensure your proposal is proof read before being sent.
  • Follow up on the proposal after it has been sent. This should be no later than 2 days after it was sent if it has not been viewed. If the proposal has been viewed, contact the client as soon as possible after you get the notification that the proposal has been built.