At Wilkin Group we understand the special needs for a successful Mediation.

Firstly the environment needs to be comfortable for all participants, with friendly staff greeting them upon arrival, and taking them to the appropriate room. 

Between sessions, somewhere to be in private surroundings is essential. We ensure that the respective parties are located in distinct parts of our premises, away from one another.

For the duration of the mediation, our staff are available for administrative tasks, retrieval of parties etc. Two hours of administrative time is included in our competitive daily fee.

Participants are able to obtain refreshment during the day close hand; public transport and all-day parking is nearby.


" So much more than just meeting spaces "


 Board meetings, class room training, workshop sessions, sales presentations, corporate presentations, day to day meetings, product launches, corporate cocktail parties, computer training, formal dining, u-shape configuration, mediation, interviews