Working From Home Sucks

On the face of it, working from home seems like a great idea. No need to face traffic on the morning commute, no need to line up for an over-priced baguette at lunch and no boss looking over your shoulder as you try and clear your to do list during the afternoon. Technology and changing corporate perceptions have led to more people working from home and it looks like it's a trend which is here to stay. However, as many home office warriors have discovered, working from your dining table may not be all it cracked up to be and isn't the answer to all workplace issues that some would have you believe it is.

Your Kids Don't Understand You're Working

Even if you speak to your family and lay down the best plan for how you are going to work from home it can still be difficult to get the clear head space you need to be truly productive. As much as your family say they will respect the fact you need to work, they will always find it difficult to give you the actual space you need because they can physically see you all the time. The fact you are physically present, even if your mind is on the job, gives people the impression that you're available to walk the dog, build a LEGO castle or whatever other job may spring to mind.

Distractions Everywhere You Turn

You won't notice them when you are at home on weekends, but there are distractions at every turn when you are trying to get work done. That load of washing that needs to be hung out, the midday news on TV, checking the mail as soon as the  postman has been - they're things which somehow become urgent when working from home. One of the underrated roles of an effective workspace is to put you in an environment which is conducive to actually getting things done - distraction free. 

You Lack Real Interactions

Thanks to technology, working from home is no longer the sentence to solitary confinement it once was. Between talking on the phone, teleconferencing and interacting on social media you are able to keep in touch with your colleagues whenever you need to from home. However, even with all of this technology we all still need to have 'real' face to face interactions from time to time. Unless you fancy inviting co-workers over to share the couch, this is something working from home just can't provide.

You Can't Collaborate With Your Kids

As the old saying goes, "two heads are better than one" and this is especially true when considering tough business issues. Unfortunately your 4 year old (if they're anything like mine) is unlikely to come up with a new marketing idea or ways to improve your cashflow, so you need a resource which has a little more knowledge and experience. One of the perks of having a work environment where you have co-workers or other people around is that you always have a human knowledge bank at your disposal to assist when issues get a bit tricky. The human resource built into your work-space can also work for business development, as you never know who you might meet while making a coffee and what they might need that you can provide.

Do You Want To Meet At Your Kitchen Table?

 As I am sure you appreciate, perception is everything and a big part of setting the right image for your business is how you meet with people. Even though there are a multitude of different digital technologies which provide remote meeting options, face to face meetings are still a critical part of any business. You can't exactly bring a new client to your kitchen table to sign a contract or hold a sales presentation in the rumpus room while the kids are at school - you need to be able to set the right image for your business and you need to have somewhere professional to meet people.

Don't get me wrong, there are real benefits to working from home which can certainly offset some of the issues outlined above. 

The good news is that there are also a range of solutions which can support home workers and assist to make it a viable way to work. From Virtual Offices to FlexiWork, Wilkin Group works with a number of clients who spend the majority of their time working 'out of the office' to fill the gaps and make working from home a joy rather than a chore. Check out the Wilkin Group at, or ring them on (08) 7071 7071

Avoiding The Afternoon Energy Cliff

Avoiding The Afternoon Energy Cliff

We’ve all experienced the ‘Afternoon Energy Cliff’, when all of a sudden it feels like you have hit a brick wall and even the simplest work related task seems insurmountable. People generally fall off the cliff during the mid-afternoon, around 3pm, as the energy from their lunch meals wears off and they naturally start to fatigue as the day drags on. As Steven Covey put it so well with his ‘Sharpen the Saw’ analogy, rather than trying to battle through this state everyday, it is much more productive to make some small tweaks to your workday routine to renew and re-energise yourself in order to get the most out of the last few hours of the workday.

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When An Office Just Makes Sense

When An Office Just Makes Sense

Most small/micro businesses will start from a home office or temporary office space due to the risks associated with getting a new business idea off the ground. This approach makes sense to manage the downside risk incase the business doesn’t take shape as expected, however as I have outlined in a previous post there are certainly some limitations to working out of a workspace which is somewhat cobbled together. At a point, the benefits of having a workspace which frees you (and your team) up mentally to be as productive as possible far outweigh any risks involved. However, the $64,000 question is when should you make the jump to a dedicated office space for your business?

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How Small Business Can Get Benefit From Virtual Office

There are a multitude of reasons why a Virtual Office VO solution can be the perfect fit for your small business, startup or entrepreneurial enterprise. Quite simply your VO provider becomes your place of business, but you only pay for the services you require. You don’t need to pay for a full time office suite if that is not what you require.

Benefits include

●        A VO saves money on leasing a physical space which you don’t require

●        A prestigious business address for mail deliveries, and to hold meetings as required.

●        Your e-commerce website shows a physical address without you needing to be there.

●        Full time receptionist  representing your firm during business hours.

●        Phone call answering in your business name, irrespective of what you are doing.  (Research shows that a local landline creates more confidence and trust into the reputability of your business.)

●        Professional printing, faxing etc when you need it.

●        Work where you want to - at home, in the car or a part-time office.

●        Helps you maintain your marketing identity and presence, which prevents blurring the line between your home and professional life, and

●        Prevents privacy issues due to not having to release your personal number or address.

●        You have a comprehensive team of administrators, receptionists and managers who take care of managing the office, allowing the business to focus its energy its providing its services to its customers.

●        Streamlines efficiency, maximizes productivity and improves profit margins.

●        Ability to display multi business locations to create the impression of a growing presence without having to set up an office at each new location.

●        Ideal for travelling sales teams to meet with each other or prospective clients but not yet needing a permanent space.

The Wilkin Group has a flexible slate of virtual offices packages whether you simply need a business address and mail receiving, secretary services, conference room access and much more. Contact us today on 08 7071 7071 or email us at to find the perfect solution to take your business to the next level.  

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