Our Virtual Office solutions are component based and are designed to be customised to your specific requirements.  By mixing and matching the components of our Virtual Offices you can develop a solution which perfectly matches the needs of your business, however some common benefits include: 

 Access to a CBD address for your business

Premium CBD Address

Our Virtual Office solutions provide you with access to a premium CBD address to improve the image of your business and use as your business or mailing address


Never Miss a Call

Never worry about missing an important call again. Allow our dedicated team to answer all of your calls professionally, in your business name and then either transfer the call or forward a message.

 Professional support staff for your business
 Access to fully furnished offices when you need them

Ready Access to a Desk

While you don't have a full-time office suite, our Hot Desks or FlexiWork product provide you with access to a desk whenever you need it; for an hour, a day or week.

A Fantastic First Impression

It's an old adage, but in business image is everything.

Ensure that the first interaction a person has with your business, either in person or on the phone, is a positive one.

 A great first impression for your business
 Access to great meeting rooms and board rooms and seminar facilities

Great Places to Meet

The success of a meeting is often dependant on the surroundings in which it takes place.

We have a range of meeting & conferencing facilities to suit any meeting.

Technology at your Finger Tips

On demand access to a range of technologies to support your day-to-day business.

To complement this, our secretarial staff can assist with document completion, binding and laminating.

 Ready access to technology, including photocopiers, printers